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“Governor Ahmed Has Done Well” – Yusuf Ali, SAN


Source: http://www.drabdulfatahahmed.com/governor-ahmed-has-done-well-yusuf-ali/

THE Executive Governor of Kwara state, Dr Abdulfatah Ahmed, has received further commendations and accolades from more quarters in the state.

One of such commendations from Mallam Yusuf Olaolu-Ali, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), was made during the governor’s congratulatory visit to his residence on his daughter’s wedding.


Ali expressed optimism that notwithstanding the obvious multiple challenges, Nigeria will survive as strong and developed nation.

While speaking Ali said, “Undoubtedly you have impacted on lives.

“I am aware of projects which may not make noise but which go a long way to assist people in their daily lives”.

“Empowering people is the most important thing anybody can do and you have undoubtedly done well on this regard”.

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