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Kunle Sanni Writes Asari Dokubo


Source: http://therenaissanceng.com/kunle-sanni-writes-asari-dokubo

Alhaji Kunle Sanni, the Chairman of the Muslim Community of Oyo State is a good friend of the renowned Mujahid Asari Dokubo, one of the Niger Delta militants that have severally taken arms against the Federal Government. This friendship may not be by accident but by the mere fact that Dokubo professes to be a Muslim.

It is against the backdrop of recent fresh treat from Dokubo that the hitherto disarmed militants would revert to take arms against the government again, that Sanni write his friend for a rethink.

The letter is reproduced below:

A Message from Kunle Sanni to Asari Dokubo:

Many Muslim brothers called me today, some of our  mutual friends, trying to persuade me to admonish you on the dangerous and needless adventurism to take arms over an election in which the contestants have been unprecedentedly magnanimous.

Jonathan the president had thrown in the towel and did what was a political novelty in the history of this country accepting defeat.  Buhari, the winner was humble in victory by extending a hand of fellowship to the incumbent, assuring him that there will be no witchhunting, persecution or vindictiveness.

Our friends think, and to a large extent they are right, that I am one of the closest persons to you. An affirmation of that truism is that my house is seen by your family as their second home. The last time we spoke was two weeks ago when you called to tell me of your intention to go for Umarah.

I know you go for Umarah regularly but I suspected that was a special one to pray for Jonathan’s victory and I asked joculaly if I can accompany and you retorted that I am a Buharist and only Jonatharians are welcome. You were perfectly correct because I have no apology for being a dye in the wool and unrepentant Buharist.

You will be wondering why I am going public since it was never in my character to criticise or even admonish you in public. But I want to be on record, especially because of many brothers begging me to talk to you not to commit ‘harakiri’. Making this public will, therefore, make them know that I have done my own.

The first person who woke me from my recuperating sleep from the tension of the elections result counting and ‘Orubebetitys’ was our mutual friend Yusuf Ali (SAN). He said the news has gone viral on the social media, electronic and print media that you intend to fulfill your earlier threat, made with your colleagues in the Ijaw Nation struggle, to go back to the creeks and take arms against the federal government.

The question is when would I see you so that we talk? What if you carry out your threat tomorrow. Allah may record it for me as being nonchalantly unpatriotic. And what if you die while trying to put your unfathomable Ijaw irredentism into high gear (Ahuthubillahi) and people accuse me of nonchalance and in spite of your fabled wealth I will carry some psychological responsibility and some of your deeply Islamically religious children under the tutelage of Christian mothers will be in spiritual jeopardy or religious confusion so I do not pray you commit ijaw martyrdom. I pray you live long
You would recall on a number of times you confessed to me that Jonathan’s performance is pedestrian.

You would also recall during a visit to late Are Musulumi of Yorubaland Alh Arise kola you told the crew of Broadcasting corporation of oyo state who asked you wether Jonathan’s performance was satisfactory . You gave an ijaw aphorism’ Monkey no fine but in mama like am” which means Jonathan’s performance may be lacklustre but since he is an ijaw man you have no choice than to support him.

That is ijaw chauvinistic patriotism at its zenith. Our mutual spiritual guru one of the finest characters on this planet said in one your membership of the Amir ultimate Hajj trip under the hegemony of the sultan he told you that the Holy prophet Muhammad said: ‘He is not one of us who promotes tribal partisanship, he is not one of us who fights for tribal partisanship and he is not one of us who dies in the cause of tribal partisanship’

I cannot say more.

Jonathan has congratulated Buhari. Even Fayose the effant terrible of Ekiti politics has said Buhari is a dogged fighter. The Loquacious bread and butter rabble rowser Femi Fanikayode has told Nigerians to cooperate with the new president.

Do you want to cry than the bereaved?

Even the villain of this election who was acting the script of patience jonathan to create a National chaos and anarchy Out of the election Orubebe has apologised to Nigerians.

Mujahid you have tried to convince Nigerians to vote for your contryman but they have rejected him .

As a Muslim don’t you believe in destiny? You Said the North AND South West ganged up to deny you victory but in 2011 the same southwest ganged up with southeast and south south to give you victory and you were highly elated when you called me asking me to congratulate you.
Alhamdulillah, Allah was kind to you that Insha Allah, poverty is banished even from your generation yet unborn. Please give peace a chance. I pray you would be in the positive side of history. Pleas do not fight the government.

What you need to do is to form a vanguard that would make sure the stupendous allocations to your governors in the South South do not develop wings to Dubai instead of using for developmental programmes that will benefit the people. There are enough funds to take care of your passion for Ijaw people to enjoy the benefits of Allah’s benevolence beneath their soil but you know better than I do that the greedy among your leaders are selfishly and egocentrially syphonning it abroad.

I intend to arrange reconciliation between you and many brothers even in South South, who hate your guts for your provocative innuendos. The Asunoge of this world. The Yusuf Nwoha’s of this world.

With the new president whom you have maligned most uncharitable our mutual friends like Sule Hama Adamu Adamu who are his boys would take care of that. Let me know when you want to come to Ibadan or we meet in your white house mansion in cotonu so that we can wholistically dissect these issues.

Let us look forward to a new Nigeria under Buhari. May ALLAH make it easy for you to follow the path of Islamic rectitude and adapt the reconcilliatory spirit of Buhari.
There is enough for our needs in this country but not enough for our greed. God bless you Abubakar Mujahid Dokubo Asari and your wonderful family.

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